Board of Directors December 4, 2020 Meeting Summary

The meeting began on a somber note with a minute of quiet reflection to honor our Board colleague and Endocrine Society member, Alan L. Schneyer.

FASEB’s public affairs team led the Board in discussions on FASEB’s engagement with the incoming Biden-Harris administration and new Congress. The Board approved a memo to the in-coming administration outlining ten priority policy recommendations urging the Biden administration to increase funding for the federal science agencies, develop and sustain the research workforce, promote diversity, equity, and inclusion, and reduce regulatory burden. The Board also approved a response drafted by the Science Policy Committee to the Department of Health and Human Services on fostering research integrity and the responsible conduct of research.

The Board approved the Federation’s 2021 Budget and operating plan. Staff stressed that uncertainties driven by the pandemic have created a situation in which firm commitments to this budget and operating plan are unrealistic and committed to providing the Board with transparent and continuous reporting to ensure successful navigation of the pandemic’s impacts on the organization.

This meeting featured opportunities to provide input and direction on ongoing Federation initiatives including Diversity, Equity, and Implementation planning, and the Shared Research Resources taskforce strategy.

The Board also focused a great deal of time on FASEB’s future financial and fiscal success through work on the 2021 Board work plan, new product proposals, and strategic initiatives and investments.