SPC Subcommittee: Training and Career Opportunities

Subcommittee Charge

The Training and Career Opportunities Subcommittee (T&CO SC) monitors and responds to legislative and policy issues related to the training and career development of graduate students, postdoctoral scientists, and early career investigators in the biological and biomedical sciences. Further, the T&CO SC generates ideas and policy-oriented documents aimed to create meaningful change in the training environment, funding, and career development landscape. The T&CO SC reports to the Science Policy Committee.

Subcommittee Objectives

  1. Represent and respond to the needs of the current scientific trainee workforce. 
  2. Develop policy initiatives and strategies to create a safe and inclusive environment where all scientists can thrive.
  3. Ensure policies and procedures implemented by National Institutes of Health, National Science Foundation, FASEB member societies, and other relevant organizations positively affect and reflect the experience of early career researchers.
  4. Emphasize the whole scientist, as opposed to just the science, when appropriate to elevate considerations of the human aspects of the scientific workforce.
  5. Promote a variety of career paths for a diverse and highly trained scientific workforce while acknowledging the role of different higher education degrees in the development of transferrable skills.
  6. Use data-based arguments to inform potential legislation and policy focused on early career researchers.
  7. Examine opportunities to eliminate power dynamics present in academic laboratories.
  8. Create widespread awareness of the literature on best practices regarding topics that impact early career researchers.

Training and Career Opportunities Charter
Training and Career Opportunities Strategic Plan

 2024 Roster


Chair- Lori Raetzman, PhD (SSR)
Vice-Chair- Matthew Sikora, PhD (TES)

David Ryan King, PhD (APS)
Dianicha Santana, PhD (ASPET)
Doug Dluzen, PhD (GSA)
Emily Davenport, PhD (ASHG)
Haluk Kavus, MD (AMP)
Marina Venero, PhD (SDB)
Matthew Romero, PhD (ACSM)
Prarthana Dalal, PhD (ASIP)
Vrushank Bhatt, PhD (ASBMB)


Yvette Seger, PhD (Director of Science Policy)
Jennifer Zeitzer (Director of the Office of Public Affairs)
Nabila Riaz , PhD (Staff Liaison)