Member, Publications and Communications Committee
Position Description/Responsibilities


Three (3) years beginning on July 1 of the year appointed and ending on June 30 of the third year. 


  • Prepare for and attend committee meetings as a voting member.
  • Review FASEB use of print and electronic media and make recommendations to increase effectiveness of communications and communications channels for Federation activities and programs.
  • Provide oversight of The FASEB Journal and FASEB BioAdvances, including editor-in-chief (EIC) and associate editor nominations.
  • Recommend annual budget for FASEB publications to the Finance Committee based on fiscal and other performance measures of FASEB publications.
  • Advise FASEB leadership and staff on a variety of communications concerns and methods, including but not limited to social media, web content, media outreach, and communications training for scientists.


The Board seeks to include the broad diversity of the biological and biomedical sciences, but recognizes these are appointed positions through the authority of the member societies. Nonetheless, biographic and demographic diversity is important and should be considered as an overarching goal when a member society appoints its representative. The following are personal characteristics that Publications and Communications  members should have:

  • Experience or interest in publications and communications concerns as described in Responsibilities
  • Experience and participation in FASEB and member society public affairs or science policy related committees
  • Strong leadership and facilitation skills
  • Demonstrated commitment to collaboration and team-building

Time Commitment

  • 1 yearly conference call, 1-2 hours long; or one in-person meeting, 4-6 hours long (plus preparation time)
  • 1-3 hours quarterly, including preparation time, to review and draft recommendations on editor, associate editor, and editorial board member appointments and other committee business