Audit Committee

Committee Charge

The Audit Committee shall assist the board of directors in fulfilling its financial and compliance oversight responsibilities.

Committee Objectives

  1. Manage the audit process, which includes selecting the independent auditor, reviewing the audit report with the auditor, presenting the report to the full board, using the independent auditor as an advisor, and ensuring compliance with all reporting requirements.
  2. Maintain institutional understanding of FASEB’s internal control environment – the policies and procedures for financial reporting and internal control, and ensure financial personnel have adequate experience and expertise to provide effective implementation of controls.
  3. Monitor compliance with the conflict of interest policy and whistleblower policy.
  4. Review the annual IRS Forms 990 and other reporting.

Audit Committee Charter

2023/2024 Roster


Chair - Chester A. Ray, PhD (ACSM/APS/ASN)
Mark O. Lively, PhD (ABRF)
Kate Fryer (ES- Executive Director)
Charles W. Frevert, DVM, ScD (HCS)
Sally P. Darney, PhD (SSR)


Frank Krause, Federation Secretary (Executive Director/CEO)
Julie Jones, CFO
Susan Burdette, Director of Finance