Finance Committee

Committee Charge

As defined by the Federation bylaws, the Finance Committee, in consultation with the Executive Director, is responsible for recommending an annual budget to the Federation Board; overseeing management of invested funds of the Federation; recommending an investment policy for the Federation; and in all other ways, assisting the Treasurer.

Committee Objectives

  1. Recommend an annual budget to the Federation board based on reports presented by Federation management
  2. Ensure that the board receives accurate and complete financial information for review and help the Board understand financial statements and the general financial situation of the organization.
  3. Safeguard the invested funds of the Federation by review of the investment reserves and reviewing the performance of the investment managers
  4. Recommend an investment policy for the Federation
  5. Assist the Treasurer in monitoring the financial performance of the Federation
Finance Committee Charter

Volunteer Position Description/Responsibilities

Member, Finance Committee

2023/2024 Finance Committee Roster


Treasurer: Cherié L. Butts, PhD (AAI)
Treasurer-Elect: Thomas L. Clemens, PhD (ASBMR)
Clifford V. Harding, MD, PhD (AAI)
John Quindry, PhD (ACSM)
Ricardo Correa, MD (AFMR)
Susan Wall, MD (APS)
Toni M. Antalis, PhD (ASBMB)
Jonathon W. Homeiester, MD, PhD (ASIP)
Mark J. Hernández, PhD (ASPET)
Lane K. Christenson, PhD (SSR)


Mary-Ann Bjornsti, PhD, President
Beth A. Garvy, President-Elect
Kevin C. Kregel, PhD, Immediate Past President
Frank Krause, CAE, Federation Secretary (Executive Director/CEO)
Julie Jones, CFO
Susan Burdette, Finance Director
Jennifer Zeitzer, Director of Public Affairs