Finance Committee

Committee Purpose

The Finance Committee is responsible for (in consultation with the Executive Director) recommending an annual budget to the Federation Board; safeguarding the invested funds of the Federation; recommending an investment policy for the Federation (subject to approval by the Federation Board); performing all negotiations with duly authorized investment counselors; and in all other ways, to assist the Treasurer. 

The Finance Committee consists of the Treasurer, Treasurer-Elect (when in effect), and at least six (6) additional members. When vacancies become available, member societies may nominate members to serve on the Finance Committee, with final appointments made by the FASEB Board.

Volunteer Position Description/Responsibilities

Member, Finance Committee

2019/2020 Finance Committee Roster


Chester A. Ray, PhD


Charles W. Frevert, DVM, ScD

Representing Large Societies

Michelle Cardell (ASN)
Cherie Butts (AAI)
Thomas Clemens (ASBMR)
Steven A. Schichman (AMP)
Susan M. Wall (APS)

Representing Small Societies

Sally Darney (SSR)
Charles Frevert (HCS)
Paul Monga (ASIP)
Chris Stodgell (TS)
Mark Van Doren (SDB)

Ex Oficio

Hannah V. Carey, PhD

Louis B. Justement, PhD

Immediate Past President
James M. Musser, MD, PhD

FASEB Executive Director/CEO
Frank Krause, CAE