Publications Committee

Committee Purpose

The Publications Committee (PC) is an advisory committee to the Federation Board and journal Editors and is responsible for strategic oversight of FASEB’s peer-reviewed publications.

Publications Committee Charter

 Committee Objectives

  1. Provide strategic guidance for developing the vision and direction of FASEB’s peer-reviewed publications including input on possible new scientific publications, new strategic partnerships, and on strategies to increase international reach and impact.
  2. Work closely with the Editors in Chief on long-term, innovative planning for the journals
  3. Advise FASEB publications on ethical and legal issues developing in the industry
  4. Monitor FASEB’s peer-reviewed publications to ensure they meet the long-term needs of the society and its diverse members
  5. As requested by the Board, Editors in Chief or staff, review existing publication policies and recommend new policies to the Board
  6. Review the recommendations of journal Editors in Chief and recommend them to the Board for approval
  7. Provide input to the Board on the appointment of Editors in Chief including appointing or serving as an Editor in Chief search committee and submitting a final recommendation to the Board on the selection of any new Editors in Chief.
  8. Serve as a resource and advisory group for the journal Editors in Chief
  9. Review and interpret journal performance metrics semi-annually and issue summary reports on journal and Editor performance to the Board.

Volunteer Position Descriptions/Responsibilities

Publications Committee Chair
Publications Committee Vice Chair
Publications Committee Member

2023/2024 Publications Committee Roster


Chair: Nancy Turner, PhD (ASN) 
L. Bruce Gladden, PhD (ACSM)
Rita Scheman (APS)
Courtney Karner, PhD (ASBMR)
Denis G. Baskin, PhD (HCS)
Liliana Schaefer (HCS)
Luis J. Montaner, DVM (SLB)


Frank Krause, CAE, Executive Director/CEO
Jeannine Botos, PhD, Senior Managing Editor

 Staff Liaison:

Darla P. Henderson, PhD, Director, FASEB Open Science and Research Integrity; Director, Publications