Howard Garrison Advocacy Program Selection and Oversight Committee

Committee Purpose

To administer the Howard Garrison Advocacy Program, including the establishment and oversight of program guidelines and the annual selection of program participants.

Committee Objectives

  1. Establish policies and procedures governing administration of the HGA Program
  2. Develop the program’s eligibility criteria.
  3. Develop guidelines to ensure participants are chosen via a competitive peer-reviewed selection process.
  4. Develop the rubric to evaluate and score submitted applications.
  5. Provide oversight of program administration including annual review of program policies, procedures, and eligibility criteria.
  6. Serve as an advocate for the program to their home societies and broader community.
HGA Selection and Oversight Committee Charter


2023/2024 Howard Garrison Selection and Oversight Committee Roster


Chair: Michael D. Schaller, PhD (ASBMB)
Judy L. Cannon, PhD (AAI)
Holly Brown-Borg, PhD (AGE)
Sarina Neote (ASBMB)
Melanie J. Scott, MD, PhD (ASIP)
Sophia Kaska, PhD (ASPET)
Michaela A. West, MD, PhD, FACS (SHOCK)

Louis B. Justement, PhD (SLB)


Staff Liaison: Sally Schwettmann, Director, Governance and Leadership Development
Jennifer Zeitzer, Director, Office of Public Affairs