Public Affairs and Science Policy

  • Expand member society participation in FASEB programs and activities
  • Improve coordination and support of member societies’ public affairs and science policy programs
  • Increase the number of societies participating in FASEB public affairs and policy efforts
  • Expand multi-channel communications services
  • Amplify local grassroots engagement

Research and Education

  • Facilitate sharing and implementation of ideas and programs across FASEB member societies
  • Create an environment of program and product innovation that benefits member societies and the greater life sciences community
  • Support principles and best practices of openness, reproducibility, and rigor in data and science 

Public Engagement

  • Collaborate across member societies to support existing and develop new public outreach, awareness, and advocacy activities
  • Increase and improve science communication skills training
  • Leverage FASEB communications channels and team to expand visibility of FASEB and member society programs and activities

Talent Pool

  • Expand career and skills acquisition opportunities
  • Create a culture of inclusiveness and reduce barriers to participation and advancement of underrepresented populations in the biological and biomedical sciences 
  • Expand grant programs and pursue new funding/grant opportunities supporting trainee participation in member society activities

Organizational Excellence

  • Adapt and improve governance to accommodate growth and change
  • Ensure financial stability
  • Pursue continuous quality improvements for business operations and programs
  • Support and maintain a highly engaged, service oriented, high capability staff
  • Facilitate the missions of life science societies