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This page contains promotional toolkits for organizers to promote the 2024 Science Research Conferences.

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2024 SRC Promotional Toolkits

Your conference promotional toolkit has been developed by FASEB for you to use to promote your meeting. Each kit includes:

  • Marketing QuickStart: introduces you to the SRC marketing lifecycle, describes key tactics and tools, and confirms your responsibilities in promoting your SRC
  • Social Media Tip Sheet: Provides an insider's view on how to get the best response to your social media posts
  • NEW: Organizer Video Guide and Sample Script: A complete how-to guide on making a promotional video message for your SRC. Includes a sample script so you can best reach your audiences
  • Graphics: includes an email signature, header, and social media graphic
  • Email Templates: 3 distinct messages to send to your professional networks

Please select your conference from the list below to download your Promotional Toolkit zipped file:

B Vitamins and One-Carbon Metabolism
Biological Methylation: Fundamental Mechanisms
Biology of Acetylation in Health and Disease
Biology of Cilia and Flagella
Cell Signaling in Cancer: From Mechanisms to Therapy
Cellular and Molecular Mechanisms of Brain Aging
Channels and Transporters in Immunity
Consequences of Aneuploidy
Dynamic DNA Structures in Biology
Dynamics and Encoding in Cell Signaling
Gastrointestinal Tract XXI
Genetic Recombination and Genome Rearrangements
Genome Engineering: Research and Applications
Hippo Pathway in Biology and Diseases
Immunoreceptors and Immunotherapy
International Retinoids Conference VII
Lipid Droplets: From Mechanisms to Disease
Lung Epithelium in Health and Disease
Mechanisms of RNA Decay
Microbial Glycobiology
Molecular Metabolism: Cells and Systems
NAD Metabolism and Signaling
Nuclear Bodies: Hubs of Genomic Activity
Nutrient Sensing and Signaling in Metabolism
Phospholipids in Aging and Disease
Protein Folding in the Cell
Protein Lipidation: Enzymology, Signaling, Therapeutics
Protein Phosphatases
Protein Phosphorylation in Health and Disease
Regulation and Function of Small GTPases
Retinal Neurobiology and Visual Processing
RNA Localization and Local Translation
Small GTPases: Membrane Traffic and Cytoskeleton
TGF-β Superfamily
Trace Elements in Biology and Medicine
Transcription, Chromatin, and Epigenetics in Aging
Translational Neuroimmunology
Ubiquitin and Ub-like Proteins
Vasoregulation: Signaling and Multicellular Inputs
Virus Structure and Assembly
Yeast Chromosome Biology and Cell Cycle

Any marketing questions or requests should be directed to Brandon Corbett, Marketing Manager at [email protected].