Leadership Development Committee

Committee Purpose

The Leadership Development Committee (LDC) recommends strategies for identifying and developing leadership within FASEB to advance the Strategic Plan and strengthen the governance model.

Committee Charter

 Committee Objectives

  1. Facilitate the nomination process for selecting candidates for officer elections (President-Elect, Vice President-Elect for Science Policy, Treasurer-Elect, and Board Representatives to the FASEB Executive Committee).
  2. Orient new Board and Executive Committee members to their roles.
  3. Identify leadership skills necessary to promote achievement of FASEB’s strategic goals, and work with the Board, committees, and Member Society Executive Officers to identify potential future leaders.
  4. Oversee Board self-assessment, analyze results, and evaluate volunteer engagement and satisfaction while discussing methods and opportunities for improvement.
  5. Be knowledgeable about good governance practices and facilitate development and utilization of these practices by the Board and standing committees.
  6. Ensure FASEB committees adopt the governance practices developed by the LDC.

 2023/2024 Leadership Development Committee Roster


Chair: Kevin C. Kregel, PhD, Immediate Past FASEB President (2023-2024)
Vice-Chair: Patricia L. Morris, MS PhD, Past FASEB President (2022-2024)
H. Joseph Yost (AAA), Member, Science Policy Committee (2021-2024)
Sheenah M. Mische (ABRF), Former Member, Board of Directors (2019-2025)
Holly Brown-Borg (AGE), Former Member, Board of Directors (2023-2026)
Charles A. Parkos (ASIP), Former Member, Board of Directors (2023-2026)


Frank Krause, Executive Director/CEO
Sally Schwettmann, Director for Governance/Leadership Development