Science Research Conferences Advisory Committee (SRC AC)

Committee Purpose

The Science Research Conferences Advisory Committee (SRCAC) is charged with defining the scientific quality and integrity of the Federation's Science Research Conferences (SRCs). This committee is responsible for recommending policies and standards for the conferences to provide opportunities for small groups of researchers in specialized biological and biomedical fields to share information, develop collaboration, and mentor students.

Volunteer Position Descriptions/Responsibilities

Chair, SRCAC
Member, SRCAC



Chair: Cecily Bishop, PhD (SSR)
Joshua R. Deleon, MD (AFMR)
Zhenqiang Yao, PhD (ASBMR)
David C. Williams, Jr., MD, PhD (ASIP)
Patricia L. Opresko, PhD (EMGS)
Darleen Sandoval, PhD (ES)
Jeremy F. Nance, PhD (SDB)
Warren Zimmer (SEBM)
Jey Jeyaseelan, PhD, DVM (SHOCK)
James Hougland, PhD, Past Organizer
Nicole Koropatkin, PhD, Past Organizer
Martha S. Cyert, PhD, Past Organizer
Stacey S. Huppert PhD, Past Organizer


Andrea Bauerfeind, CAE, CMP, Director of Office of Scientific Meetings and Conferences

Staff Liaison:

Kristen Hagy, FASEB Conference Manager