Science Policy Committee (SPC)

Committee Purpose

The Science Policy Committee (SPC) is charged with monitoring and advising FASEB’s President and Board of Directors on public policy topics, federal initiatives, and emerging issues of importance to the Federation and its member societies. The SPC reports to the FASEB Board of Directors.

SPC Committee Charter

Committee Objectives

  • Develop position statements on policy issues of interest to the Federation.
  • Oversee and provide guidance on the efforts of topical subcommittees.
  • Provide input on projects and activities to demonstrate the benefits of biological and biomedical research to abroad range of audiences.
  • Coordinate consensus efforts (e.g., workshops, policy analysis, multi-organizational partnerships, etc.) pertaining to core policy priorities.
  • Identify emerging policy areas of interest to the Federation and recommend strategies for FASEB engagement.

Volunteer Position Descriptions/Responsibilities

Vice President for Science Policy
Vice President-Elect for Science Policy
Member, Science Policy Committee
Early Career/Trainee Representative

2024/2025 Science Policy Committee Roster


Vice President for Science Policy
Michael Lehman, PhD

Vice President-elect for Science Policy
H. Joseph Yost, PhD

Immediate Past Vice President for Science Policy
Eric E. Kelley, PhD

Early Career Representatives
Kevin Gries, PhD
Sarah R. Ocañas, PhD
Saranya Radhakrishnan, PhD

Member Society Representatives
Laura E. Johnson, PhD (AAA)
Judy Cannon, PhD (AAI)
Andrew Chitty (ABRF)
Viranuj Sueblingvong, MD (AFMR)
Rozalyn M. Anderson, PhD (AGE)
Emilia Calvaresi, MD, PhD (AMP)

Katie Wilkinson, PhD (APS)
Steve Caplan, PhD (ASBMB)
Frank C. Ko, PhD (ASBMR)
Sharon DeMorrow, PhD (ASIP)
Adam Kuszack, PhD (ASPET)
Benson Akingbemi, DVM, PhD (ES)
Doug Dluzen, PhD (GSA)
Roberto Iván Mota-Alvidrez, MD (HCS)
Olivia George, PhD (SDB)
Michael J. Friedlander, PhD (SEBM)
Michael Tiemeyer, PhD (SfG)
Maria Clara Franco, PhD (SfRBM)
Kalev Freeman, MD, PhD (SHOCK)
Robert A. Clark, MD (SLB)
Aileen F. Keating, PhD (SSR)


Frank Krause, CAE (Executive Director/CEO)
Jennifer Zeitzer (Deputy Executive Director, Director of Office of Public Affairs)
Yvette Seger, PhD (Director of Science Policy)
Kristin K. Stover, PhD (AAA), Chair, Animals and Research Subcommittee
Lori T. Raetzman, PhD (SSR), Chair, Training and Career Opportunities Subcommittee

Staff Liaison:

Naomi Charalambakis, PhD (Associate Director of Science Policy)