Science Policy Committee (SPC)

Committee Purpose

FASEB focuses on policy issues important to and affecting biomedical researchers and their work. At FASEB, policy development begins with the working scientists representing FASEB member societies and reflects the views of a broad cross-section of the research community. Policies are discussed and responses developed by the FASEB Science Policy Committee, which includes representatives from each FASEB Member Society, and seven topical subcommittees (View a full description and list of subcommittees). All statements are subject to review and approval by the FASEB Board of Directors.

Volunteer Position Descriptions/Responsibilities

Vice President for Science Policy
Vice President-Elect for Science Policy
Member, Science Policy Committee

2019/2020 Science Policy Committee Roster

Vice President for Science Policy
Patricia L. Morris, PhD

Vice President-Elect for Science Policy
Kevin C. Kregel, PhD

Immediate Past Vice President for Science Policy
Louis B. Justement, PhD

H. Jospeh Yost, PhD (AAA) 
Ling Cao, PhD (AAI)
Jay W. Fox, PhD (ABRF) 
Benjamin F. Miller, PhD (ACSM) 
Kevin Perrott, PhD (AGE) 
Betsy A. Bove, PhD (AMP)
Mark DiStefano, PhD (APEPS)
Laura R. McCabe, PhD (APS)
Patricia Ducy, PhD (ASBMR)
Anita H. Corbett, PhD (ASBMB)
Donna M. Martin, MD PhD (ASCI)
Roy A. Jensen, MD (ASIP)
Bernadette P. Marriott, PhD (ASN)
Mary-Ann Bjornsti, PhD (ASPET)
Beth A. Winkelstein, PhD (BMES)
Ruth A. Keri, PhD (ES)
Marnie Halpern, PhD (GSA)
Margarida Barroso, PhD (HCS)
Carole LaBonne, PhD (SDB)
Michael J. Friedlander, PhD (SEBM)
J. Michael Pierce, PhD (SFG)
Marcelo Bonini, PhD (SfRBM)
Robert A. Clark, MD (SLB)
Bernard D. Goldstein, MD DABT ATS (SOT) 
Joyce R. Javier, MD (SPR)
Ewelina Bolcun-Filas, PhD (SSR)
Poorni R. Iyer, PhD (TS)
Karin Rodland, PhD (US HUPO)

Staff Liaison: Yvette Seger, PhD, Director of Science Policy

Subcommittee Chairs

Animals in Research and Education
Gaylen Edwards, DVM, PhD (APS)

Breakthroughs in Bioscience
Paula H. Stern, PhD (ASBMR)

Clinical and Translational Research
Richard Galbraith, MD PhD (ASCI)

Data Science and Informatics
Parker B. Antin, PhD (AAA)

Shared Research Resources
Sheenah Mische, PhD (ABRF)

Training and Career Opportunitie
Douglas Dluzen, PhD (ASHG)