Diversity, Equity, Accessibility, and Inclusion (DEAI) Committee

Committee Charge

The Diversity, Equity, Accessibility, and Inclusion (DEAI) Committee is charged with developing and implementing strategies to guide the Federation’s efforts to foster diverse, equitable, accessible, and inclusive research, training, and professional environments. The DEAI Committee reports to the FASEB Board of Directors.

Committee Objectives

The DEAI Committee will:

  1. Provide input on the development and implementation of FASEB’s DEAI initiatives.
  2. Oversee implementation of FASEB’s DEAI strategic plan, including providing annual updates to the Board on progress towards goals and new opportunities or challenges.
  3. Identify opportunities for FASEB to collaborate with FASEB member societies and external entities/organizations on DEAI initiatives.
  4. Serve as ambassadors for FASEB’s DEAI initiatives.

DEAI Committee Charter

Volunteer Position Descriptions/Responsibilities

DEAI Committee Chair
DEAI Committee Vice Chair
DEAI Committee Member

DEAI Subcommittees

Family Care Subcommittee
Recruitment Subcommittee
Reverse Mentoring Subcommittee
Cohort Subcommittee

2021/2022 DEAI Committee Roster


Chair: Marcelo Bonini, PhD (SfRBM)
Vice Chair: Lauren M. Walker, PhD (BDRP)
Joan Richtsmeier, PhD (AAA)
Holly Brown-Borg, PhD (AGE)
Annelyn Torres-Reveron, PhD (APS)
Nicola C. Partridge, PhD (ASBMR)
Margarita Teran-Garcia, MD, PhD, FTOS (ASN)
Catherine Davis, PhD (ASPET)
Sybil Walker Barnes, CAE (FASEB)
Michelle T. Juarez, PhD (GSA / SDB)


Kevin C. Kregel, PhD, President
Mary-Ann Bjornsti, PhD, President-Elect
Frank Krause, CAE, Executive Director / CEO
Jennifer Zeitzer, Director of Public Affairs
Yvette R. Seger, PhD, Director of Science Policy

Staff Liaisons

Elvie Banda, DEAI Program Manager