DEAI Committee Member
Position Description/Responsibilities


Three (3) years beginning on July 1 of the year following their selection and ending on June 30 of the third year.  Members can be reappointed for one additional consecutive term to a maximum of six (6) years with eligibility for further reappointment after a one-year lapse.


  • Serve as a voting representative and liaison of their member society on FASEB’s DEAI Committee
  • Participate in monthly DEAI Committee meetings (ability to participate in 75% or more meetings expected)
  • Review meeting materials
  • Provide input on action and discussion items
  • Serve as an ambassador to promote FASEB’s DEAI initiatives


The Board seeks to include the broad diversity of the biological and biomedical sciences but recognizes these are appointed positions through the authority of the member societies. Nonetheless, biographic, demographic, and scientific diversity in governance is important and should be considered as an overarching goal when a member society appoints its representative.

The DEAI Committee serves as FASEB’s “think tank” and is charged with developing and implementing strategies to guide the Federation’s efforts to foster diverse, equitable, accessible, and inclusive research, training, and professional environments for consideration by the FASEB Board of Directors. Therefore, we recommend that DEAI appointees should have the following characteristics:

  • Demonstrated passion for DEAI
  • Understand the challenges and concerns of underrepresented minorities in the biomedical research community
  • Demonstrated commitment to collaboration
  • Record of professional service, including active membership in a FASEB Society
  • Expertise relevant to the development and implementation of DEAI and/or professional development programming for research-intensive and associated career paths, and prior or current engagement with a member society DEAI committee (or related group)
  • Knowledge and experience in biological and biomedical research or comparable experience
  • Willingness to leverage professional networks (individual and/or group connections) for subject matter expertise

Time Commitment

  • Monthly 1-hour committee meetings, plus time required to review and complete action items
  • 1-2 hours per month email correspondence