Many researchers in the life sciences are interested in data reuse but find it hard to navigate today’s confusing open data landscape. To support our community, we launched FASEB DataWorks!, a new initiative that brings biological and biomedical research communities together to advance human health through data sharing and reuse. 

Committee Charge

Oversee the implementation of the DataWorks! program to ensure biomedical community engagement around data sharing and reuse, alignment of the FASEB DataWorks! program with community needs, as well as community awareness of DataWorks! programs.

Committee Objectives

The Advisory Committee will meet monthly, via video/teleconference, to review DataWorks! activities and plans.

  1. Review and approve goals and metrics for each program area and alignment with FASEB mission
  2. Explore and advise on community partners
  3. Review community outreach plans
  4. Discuss pilot interim outcomes and provide input on next steps
  5. Comment on draft reports for FASEB Board review
DataWorks! Advisory Committee Charter

2022-2023 DataWorks! Advisory Committee 

Chair: Parker Antin, PhD (AAA)
Tim Clark, PhD
Kristi Holmes, PhD 
Maryann Martone, PhD
Naim Matasci, PhD
Ross Poldrack, PhD
Nehemiah Seth Alvarez, PhD
Jason Williams


Kevin Kregel, PhD, FASEB Board President

Staff Liaisons

Yvette Seger, PhD, Director of Science Policy
Katherine McNeill, DataWorks! Program Director
Emily Ruff, DataWorks! Community Manager
Frank Krause, Executive Director/CEO

DataWorks! Brochure

Learn more about the DataWorks! Initiative with this shareable brochure.

Download DataWorks! Brochure

Upcoming Events

DataWorks! Salons enable researchers to gather to educate each other, illuminate best practices, and innovate new solutions in a casual atmosphere.

  • August 9: Selecting a repository
  • September 8: Digitizing your lab with e-notebooks and digital tools
  • October 6: Getting credit for your data - citations, dataset DOIs
  • November 10: Preparing for 2023 NIH Data Management and Sharing Policy
  • December 15: Budgeting for data management
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Get in Touch

[email protected] 
Emily Ruff, DataWorks! Community Manager 
Katherine McNeill, DataWorks! Program Director
Yvette Seger, Director of Science Policy