Publications Committee Member
Position Description/Responsibilities


Members serve three (3) year terms beginning on July 1 of the year appointed and ending on June 30 of the third year. Members can be reappointed, by agreement of the Chair and the FASEB President, for one additional consecutive term to a maximum of six (6) years with eligibility for further reappointment after a one-year lapse.


  • Serve as a voting member of the Publications Committee
  • Participate in meetings of the Publications Committee (ability to participate in 75% or more meetings preferred)
    • Review call materials (distributed five days prior to each meeting)
    • Provide input on action and discussion items


The Federation Board seeks members with broad experience in journal editorial matters. Members must be active members of at least one FASEB constituent society or be experienced publishing professionals with extensive knowledge of a FASEB society publications program.

Biographic, demographic, and scientific diversity in governance is an overarching goal of the Federation, and the Board seeks to appoint members to Federation committees who represent this diversity.

Time Commitment

  • 1-hr meetings quarterly (see proposed timeline below); additional meetings as necessary
  • Work in support of/preparation for meetings as needed

Proposed timeline for quarterly PC meetings:

Q1: Late Feb/Early March – Onboarding (prior to March 19 Board Meeting)
Q2: Late May/Early June (prior to June 10/11 Board meeting)
Q3: Mid-September
Q4: November (before Thanksgiving and prior to December Board Meeting)