We know that data are a fundamental component of the research process. Sharing that data is essential to accelerate and enhance research discoveries—key to supporting our mission of advancing health and welfare by promoting progress in the biological and biomedical sciences.

To support researchers with data sharing and reuse, we launched FASEB DataWorks! This program brings biological and biomedical researchers together through monthly events, annual recognition awards, and a knowledge base for data sharing and reuse best practices.

Components of DataWorks!

• Help Desk provides guidance for the biological and biomedical research community to navigate and adopt data sharing and reuse policies and practices
• Prize recognizes biological and biomedical research teams that integrate data sharing and reuse to advance human health
• Salon is a conversation space for the biological and biomedical research community to exchange ideas and design effective practices for data sharing and reuse

Help Us Spread the Word!

As a new initiative, DataWorks! could use your help to let the research community know about our various program offerings. Help spread the word about DataWorks! by clicking on the sections above and accessing available promotional kits that contain resources for the program area. Feel free to share information on your social media channels, blogs, email, or website.