FASEB Excellence in Science Early-Career Award

Submit Nomination for Early Career Award

Deadline for Submissions: June 3, 2021 at 11:59 PM Eastern

FASEB Contact:

Yvette R. Seger, PhD
Director of Science Policy
Staff Liaison to the Excellence in Science Award Committee
[email protected]
(301) 634-7124

Nominees will be evaluated on the following criteria (please be sure that nomination materials address):

  • Eligibility: Nominees must be within seven years of first independent faculty/research scientist position
  • Recognition of scientific accomplishments and/or efforts leading to excellence in training and education, including, but not limited to:
    • Scientific achievements
    • Development/implementation of unique programming or tools for research and/or education
    • Leadership in interdisciplinary research efforts and/or education
  • Participation in university service, professional organization(s), or other form of community outreach

Submissions must include the following:

1. Nomination letter, setting forth in detail:
Note: Nomination letters should be addressed to Mary-Ann Bjornsti, PhD, Chair, FASEB Excellence in Science Award Committee

  • Contributions to the field that represent the nominee's outstanding achievement in science
  • Evidence of leadership
  • Evidence of mentorship
  • Evidence of national/regional recognition
  • Honors and awards
  • Synopsis of selected bibliography

2. Complete curriculum vitae documenting:

  • All publications
  • Leadership roles
  • Mentorship
  • Teaching
  • Honors and recognition
  • Grant awards

3. Five nominee reprints demonstrating most significant contributions

4. Three letters of support illustrating nominee's impact on research and/or training and education in biological or biomedical science 

More information, including past recipients can be found here.

Submit Nomination for Early Career Award