Member, Excellence in Science (EiS) Award Committee
Position Description/Responsibilities


Three years beginning on July 1 of the year nominated and ending on June 30 of the third year. 


  • Review nominations received for FASEB’s Excellence in Science Awards
  • Participate in two review tele/video conferences
    • Review nomination packages and provide input on initial triage and final vote
    • Provide input on candidates and nomination materials
  • Support FASEB’s Excellence in Science Programming by attending awardee lectures, increasing awareness of award opportunities within member society and at home institution, and encouraging nomination of outstanding candidates


The Board seeks to include the broad diversity of the biological and biomedical sciences, but recognizes these are appointed positions through the authority of the member societies. Nonetheless, biographic and demographic diversity is important and should be considered as an overarching goal when a member society appoints its representative. The following are personal characteristics that EiS Members should have:

  • Demonstrated interest in highlighting the contributions of women in science
  • Experience participating in review committees (e.g., NIH study sections, society program and/or award committees, etc.)
  • Prior or current engagement with member society committee on women in science, minority affairs, or related group

Time Commitment

  • 1 two-hour tele/video conference in April for initial nomination triage
  • 1 90 minute tele/video conference in May to select final candidates
  • Time necessary to review approximately 15-20 nomination packages for initial triage (materials provided at least 4 weeks in advance)
  • Time necessary to review 10-15 nomination packages for final review (materials provided at lease 3 weeks in advance)
  • 1 hour per week March-June for email correspondence (1 hour per month rest of the year)