SPC Subcommittee: Animals in Research and Education

Subcommittee Charge

The FASEB Animals in Research and Education Subcommittee serves to promote the humane use of animals in research by monitoring and responding to federal legislation and policies affecting the biological and biomedical sciences and establishing new positions as necessary. The subcommittee will also develop educational materials including, but not limited to factsheets, webinars, and workshops to promote awareness about the role of animal research in scientific advances and the regulatory oversight mechanisms in place to ensure animal welfare. The Animals in Research and Education Subcommittee reports to the FASEB Science Policy Committee.

Subcommittee Objectives

  1. Provide a forum for stakeholders to discuss animal research issues.
  2. Foster comprehensive animal welfare standards and practices based on sound science.
  3. Ensure federal agency policies and procedures favorably impact animal researcher stakeholders, specifically with respect to administrative burden.
  4. Identify gaps related to rigor, reproducibility, and publication of animal studies and recommend science-based policies that will help mitigate associated shortcomings.
  5. Organize meetings or briefings on Capitol Hill focused on specific animal research topics or proposed legislations and explain its impact on scientific research.
  6. Utilize subcommittee advocacy resources to inform Capitol Hill representatives as well as the public about the role of animal research in biomedical progress.

Animals in Research and Education Charter

2024 Roster


Chair – Kristin Stover, PhD (AAA)
Vice Chair – Charles Roberts, PhD (ES)
Rafiou Agoro, MSC, PhD (ASBMR)
Yousef Abu-Amer, PhD (ASBMR)
Ani Amar, PhD (GSA)
Frank “Skip” Bartol, PhD (SSR)
Max Brenner, MD, PhD (Shock)
Paul Czoty, PhD (ASPET)
Caitlin Vonderohe, DVM, PhD (APS) 
Stephen Kohut, PhD (ASPET)
Rena Lapidus, PhD (ABRF)
Corey Reynolds, PhD (APS)
Megan Rhoads, PhD (APS)
Charles Scanga, PhD (AAI)
John Seavitt, PhD (GSA)
Marlene Starr, PhD (Shock)


Claire Hankenson, DVM, MS, DACLAM (ad-hoc)
Yvette Seger, PhD (Director of Science Policy)
Jennifer Zeitzer (Director of the Office of Public Affairs)
Naomi Charalambakis, PhD (Staff Liaison)
Nabila Riaz, PhD (Staff Liaison)